Before House of the Dragon, become a Matt Smith superfan with this merch


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Matt Smith is best known to sci-fi fans for his goofy, bowtie-wearing portrayal of the Eleventh Doctor on Doctor Who. Now, Smith is entering another mega-franchise by taking on the role of Daemon Targaryen in HBO’s new Game of Thrones prequel show, House of the Dragon. He’ll also be joining the Marvel universe in the role of Loxias Crown, a.k.a. Hunger, in Sony’s vampiric comic book movie Morbius. Whether you are a lifelong Whovian, a Game of Thrones obsessive, or a fan of Smith’s role in The Crown, you can express your love for the versatile actor with these collectibles.

1. Aegon Targaryen Golden Dragon: $14

Discover Shire Post Mint's Aemon Targaryen gold coin on Amazon.
Discover Shire Post Mint’s Aemon Targaryen gold coin on Amazon. /

House of the Dragon takes place over 100 years before Game of Thrones, so even though we won’t see Daenerys and her dragons, we’ll get to see her ancestors flying around. Matt Smith will be playing her six-time great grandfather Daemon Targaryen. Aegon the Conqueror, the first lord of the Seven Kingdoms, is Daemon’s second-great grandfather, who brought the dynastic family to the shores of Westeros after the Doom of Valyria. This coin, emblazoned with the words of House Targaryen, symbolizes the fighting spirit of the family.

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2. Fezzes are Cool Essential T-Shirt: $20

Discover Justin Butler's Doctor Who Fez shirt on RedBubble.
Discover Justin Butler’s Doctor Who Fez shirt on RedBubble. /

Though Smith was primarily seen in his professor-like duds as the Eleventh Doctor, complete with a tweed jacket, bowtie, and suspenders, he also dabbled in other looks. When River Song asks the Doctor what is on his head, he says, “It’s a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool.” And thus, an obsession was born.

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3. Spider-Man #76 Vol. 1: $20

Discover Marvel Comics's Spider-Man #76, Vol. 1 issue on Amazon.
Discover Marvel Comics’s Spider-Man #76, Vol. 1 issue on Amazon. /

In the upcoming Sony film Morbius, Matt Smith will be entering the Marvel world as Loxias Crown, the vampiric being known as Hunger. His lust for power and bloodshed outweighs everything else. To commemorate this new role he is taking on, try reading the character’s first appearance in this issue of Spider-Man, which came out in January 1997.

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4. House Targaryen Sigil Wall Banner: $10

Discover Calhoun's House Targaryen banner on Amazon.
Discover Calhoun’s House Targaryen banner on Amazon. /

Get ready for House of the Dragon by showing your allegiance to House Targaryen. This sigil banner features the red three-headed dragon of the family that will not only intimidate anyone who walks into your home but will set the tone for your next Game of Thrones viewing party.

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5. Masks are cool: $10

Discover FairyNerdy's masks are cool mask on RedBubble.
Discover FairyNerdy’s masks are cool mask on RedBubble. /

Much like the Fez, masks are cool, too. This mask features the Eleventh Doctor’s iconic red bowtie and the phrase, “I wear a mask. Masks are cool.”

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6. House Targaryen Beer Stein: $39

Discover SCS Direct's House Targaryen beer stein on Amazon.
Discover SCS Direct’s House Targaryen beer stein on Amazon. /

Whether you’re rewatching the adventures of Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones, rereading the books, or just patiently waiting for House of the Dragon to arrive, this beer stein will help you pass the time. This ceramic, hand-painted beer stein can hold 22 ounces of your favorite drink (which we hope is mead).

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7. Doctor Who Funko TARDIS: $50

Discover Funko's TARDIS on Amazon.
Discover Funko’s TARDIS on Amazon. /

All Doctors travel in style in what is known as the TARDIS. The blue police box takes the Doctors and their companions on fabulous adventures across space and time. Funko, known for their pop culture figurines, made a TARDIS so Whovians out there can pretend they are a companion as well.

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8. Fire & Blood by George R. R. Martin: $22

Discover Bantam's Fire and Blood book by George R. R. Martin and Doug Wheatley on sale on Amazon.
Discover Bantam’s Fire and Blood book by George R. R. Martin and Doug Wheatley on sale on Amazon. /

HBO’s new show House of the Dragon is based on George R.R. Martin’s 2018 book Fire & Blood. This book is the first in a two-part history of the Targaryen family, though the second one hasn’t been released yet. To get ready for the show—while you drink from your beer stein, look at your sigil banner, and marvel at your Aegon coin—make sure to pick up a copy of this book to catch up on what the Targaryens got up to well before Daenerys arrived.

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9. Eleventh Doctor Sonic Screwdriver: $60

Discover Doctor Who's Eleventh Doctor Sonic Screwdriver on Amazon.
Discover Doctor Who’s Eleventh Doctor Sonic Screwdriver on Amazon. /

When each new Doctor arrives, they get their own sonic screwdriver, and the TARDIS usually changes to match their personality. Though the listing for this product it’s the sonic screwdriver used by the Twelfth Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, it isn’t. As a true Whovian, we all know his sonic screwdriver was bright blue, while the Eleventh Doctor’s was gold, white, and had a green light. So pretend you are about to meet up with Amy and Rory Pond and zap away.

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10. Targaryen Sigil Two-Pack of Socks: $10

Discover Hypnotic Hats's Targaryen socks pack on Amazon.
Discover Hypnotic Hats’s Targaryen socks pack on Amazon. /

Now that you have a copy of Fire & Blood, all you need for the perfect cozy reading day is a pair of socks. Why not make those socks also based on the book? This two-pack of Targaryen-themed socks features the house sigil so you can feel like you’re in Westeros while you read.

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