New Ned Stark collectible on sale tomorrow

By Rowan Kaiser on

Ned Stark collectible figure

Threezero, the people behind the Tyrion Lannister figurine released earlier this year, have announced the subject of their next Game Of Thrones figurine: Ned Stark. They’re going to be accepting pre-orders at their store starting at 9pm Eastern on Sunday the 21st, with the HBO store receiving it at a later date.

I have to say, this is a pretty good-looking figure at a glance–you can see a full gallery here. (At $160 dollars and slightly over a foot tall, it had better look good.) The clothing is especially nice, with the heavy cloak from Ned’s appearances in North being detachable to show his King’s Landing outfit underneath. On the other hand, I’m not entirely certain what’s going on with those pointed eyebrows.

The pre-order comes with the Stark greatsword Ice as an accessory, which oddly means that Ned apparently won’t have his primary weapon when he’s on sale at the HBO store.

Did any of you get the Tyrion action figure, and if so, how do you like it? (I am amused by how that one came with goblet and book accessories, while Ned comes with swords and daggers.)

A few more pictures after the jump….

Happy birthday, George!

By Rowan Kaiser on


Today marks George R.R. Martin’s 66th birthday! All of us here at WiC wish him a happy and productive year, with many more to come. Now, come join us in singing and dancing to the traditional Westeroisi song of celebration!


Charles Dance discusses return to Game Of Thrones Season 5…wait, what?

By Rowan Kaiser on


When we last saw Lord Tywin Lannister, he was not, shall we say, in a condition that seemed conducive to further appearances on Game Of Thrones. Yet today, MTV, interviewing the actor on the Dracula Untold junket, asked the seemingly innocuous question, “Are you sad to be missing out on the next series of Game Of Thrones?” and received a rather surprising response….

The WiCnet Awards: Season 4′s Best Sidekick

By Ani Bundel on

WiCnet Awards Banner

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Fourth Annual WiCnet awards. Or as I think of them (to borrow the structure of many awards shows out there), the WiCCiEs. This site has done awards for the previous Game of Thrones season every autumn, and we’re continuing the tradition.

As in years past, we’ll be bringing you several different categories over the coming weeks, from the more traditional ones like “Best Actor” or “Best Action Sequence” to more in-story ones, like “Best Performance as a Villain.” As always, the results are all up to you.

First Pictures from Game of Thrones Filming at Sibenik Cathedral

By Ani Bundel on


OOOOOH. Don’t you just love the “Hurry Up and Wait” shots of everyone in costume waiting to start filming?

So everyone knows, I am super excited for the scenes next season between Cersei Lannister and the man who will become the next High Septon in King’s Landing, the High Sparrow. Not only for the plot points, which I will not spoil here, but for watching the interactions between Lena Headey and Jonathan Pryce who is a fantastic actor. Game of Thrones always manages to cast such high caliber actors.

The following photos were sent to us by a tipster who told us the following: “The area is cordoned off so nobody can access it but people who live by the cathedral have an unrestricted view.”

Can you imagine looking down from your apartment on the Cathedral courtyard and watch the show get filmed every day? I would take every vacation and sick day I have and then some for that. So cool.

The views are from very high up, and there’s no zooming in, so it’s hard to tell who is who. Feel free to try and identify in the comments!

George R.R. Martin Campaigning for Senator Tom Udall

By Ani Bundel on


We all know our beloved author of A Song of Ice and Fire keeps a very busy schedule, and has many varied and outside interests. That includes the politics of his home state, New Mexico.

With the US election only weeks away, and the Senate in the balance, Martin is stepping up to help incumbent Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM) to retain his seat. Udall was first elected to the Senate in 2008. If he’s successful, this will be his second term serving the people of New Mexico.

To that end, Martin is hosting a fundraiser on Udall’s behalf at his personal cinema in Santa Fe on October 7th. Anyone can enter to win and meet Martin. If you do enter and win, I would’t advise asking when The Winds of Winter is coming out. Remember, every time you ask, Martin kills another Stark. You might try to ask about certain fan theories though, and see how far you get.

Details below.

“Cripples, Bastards, And Broken Things”: WiC Remembers Season 1, episode 4,

By Rowan Kaiser on

cripples pycelle

The specter of history overshadows everything in “Cripples, Bastards, And Broken Things”, an episode whose direct engagement with the recent past of the Seven Kingdoms was probably necessary, although maybe not entirely welcome. After all, the core problem for most viewers who hadn’t read the novels was that they had no idea what the history of Westeros was, so beyond simply not knowing who characters were, they didn’t have strong ideas of the history that grounded those relationships.

Therefore we get an episode filled primarily with exposition to fill these gaps. “Cripples, Bastards, And Broken Things” isn’t anywhere near as boring as the book Ned Stark receives about the history of Westeros, but it fills a similar role of being an exposition-filled introduction with hidden, crucial clues.

Game of Thrones Filming Continues In Belfast

By Ani Bundel on

Man Bun Alert!

Yes, that’s your future husband Kit Harington, in his street clothes wandering around Belfast. Thanks to Brigit for tweeting us that picture! Remember, if you have a tip, send us a tweet or a raven on our contact page.

But it’s not all good news and celebrities with questionable hairstyles at the Ireland filming location.

The Small Council: Who was the best one-season wonder?

By Rowan Kaiser on


In this week’s installment of The Small Council, we take a look at the characters who were only around for a single season, yet left their marks on Game Of Thrones and our hearts. Who was your favorite one-season wonder? 

Rebecca Pahle: If you’re going to call Jaqen H’ghar a one-season wonder, you have to put a whole bunch of asterisks beside it ([SEAON 5 SPOILER] could be [SPOILER], but as [SPOILER]; [A FEAST FOR CROWS SPOILER] is probably [SPOILER]), but we’re close enough that he (at least “this-actor-as-played-by-this-character”—oh, you tricksy Faceless Men) fits the bill. Who didn’t love Jaqen, played with deadpan brilliance by Tom Wlaschiha? A man had just over ten minutes of screen time, total, and yet he was one of the best parts of season two, badassing his way through his scenes in a cloud of murder, sass, and truly marvelous hair….

Speculation: On The Parentage of Certain Characters

By Ani Bundel on


Over on Buzzfeed, bless their hearts, someone has run across a certain old fan theory and run it up the flagpole. (Don’t click that unless you want spoilers!)

In some ways, I’m grateful. I made the discovery this summer that TV Show Only fans had completely missed a certain core mystery of the series. That’s not their fault. Game of Thrones has a major problem facing them if certain theories are correct, because they have not been able to translate them from page to screen. So perhaps having a viral website to help things along will not be remiss.

But is Buzzfeed’s theory correct? We’ll discuss it below. Serious book speculation and spoilers ahead.

Games Of Throne: How Crusader Kings 2 is the greatest Littlefinger simulator around

By Rowan Kaiser on

ck2 cover

Welcome to Games Of Throne, a new irregular feature on games and Game Of Thrones! As the media juggernaut of GOT/ASOIAF grows in strength, its influences and adaptations are going to increase in number. Game Of Thrones seems particularly well-suited to gaming—it’s right there in the title! I’m excited to use my experience as a game critic to highlight games that might appeal to Thrones fans, as well as use games to highlight explore aspects of Game Of Thrones’ story.

For example: strategic games are built around rules and constraints, highlighting what choices the players can make by restriction what they can’t. The feudal system of Westeros, where lords have autonomy and their own armies but are supposed to follow the laws of the king, contains its own rules and wiggle room. For example, Robb Stark cannot declare for the Iron Throne at the start of the War Of The Five Kings, because the Starks have no claim to the throne, so instead he declares independence, which ends up making his war strategically muddled, leading indirectly to his downfall. Rules guide his play.

There’s no video game better at exploring the game of feudalism than Crusader Kings 2 from Paradox Interactive. I even saw a presentation by its lead designer where he lamented the fact that the Game Of Thrones name was taken, since it was perfect for his game of politics, backstabbing, arranged marriages, and war. Why’s that?

Caught! Dany and Daario In Croatia

By Ani Bundel on


No it’s not anything hot and steamy like that. You wish, shippers!

But it is our first glimpse of Emilia Clarke in Croatia. (That’s her with her wig wrapped up nicely in blue cloth. Pay attention cosplayers, take wig advice from the pros.) We’ve also got a shot of her one time lover, Daario, played by Michiel Huisman. (Still played by Huisman. They haven’t switched back. Or forward. Or again.)

Our friends over at Total Split have been documenting the Game of Thrones filming set up for Meereen for a while now. But there was one thing they didn’t have any shots of–the stars. Today that has been rectified.

More picture, and a few mildly spoilery remarks, after the jump.

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