Season 5 speculation: What will each episode’s title be?

By David (Razor) Harris on


Speculation about Game of Thrones Season 5 is quite literally everywhere. From every corner of the internet, to talk shows, and even at my dentist’s office, where the dental assistant wanted to discuss with me, the intrinsic nature of dragons being locked away in a vault, compared to that of one who is freely flying around, eating sheep and probably people, at will.

Season 5 is not that far off (April 12th), and said speculation tends to increase in pace and nature, rather exponentially, as the days tick down to the premiere. With that being said, I’ve been part of a very interesting and thought provoking thread over at Reddit’s /r/Gameofthrones, where the speculation of Season 5’s episode titles are being discussed.

Join the discussion and see the speculated titles, after the jump.

Warning: SPOILERS abound

Journalists tour Dubrovnik for Game of Thrones

By Ani Bundel on

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia has become an tourist destination in the wake of Game of Thrones filming there these past few years. Now The Dubrovnik Times is reporting that the Tourist Board has arranged for a bevy of international journalists to take a gander at the city that this year split it’s time between standing in for Braavos and King’s Landing.

A press group of journalists visited Dubrovnik this weekend in cooperation with the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, Embassy Films and HBO. “Dubrovnik was born to be King’s Landing,” commented Tom Butler a journalist for Yahoo Movies. The group of journalists,  from MTV, The Sun, The Daily Star, Yahoo Movies, Metro News, The Radio Times, IGN and E Talk, amongst others, visited all the locations in Dubrovnik used by the Game of Thrones serial.

Remind us to get international passports and press badges so we can go next time too!

More details of the journalists’ trip below the jump.

Game of Thrones Season 5 trailer gets an R rating

By David (Razor) Harris on
IMAX Game of Thrones Season 5 trailer gets an R rating

IMAX Game of Thrones Season 5 trailer gets an R rating

History will be made this Thursday, as Game of Thrones will be the first ever television program to be shown in IMAX theaters. The final two episodes of Season 4, “The Watchers on the Wall” and “The Children”, will be shown in all their epic glory across IMAX screens. As part of that experience, attendees will get to view an exclusive first look at the Game of Thrones Season 5 trailer.

More about the Season 5 trailer, after the jump.

Game of Thrones Stars Hit SAG Red Carpet, talk Season 5

By Ani Bundel on
Pedro Pascal escorts Amanda Peet on the SAG Red Carpet

Pedro Pascal escorts Amanda Peet on the SAG Red Carpet

It wasn’t the best of nights for Game of Thrones at the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. Television is a competitive landscape nowadays, and the show lost their big nomination–that of “Outstanding Ensemble”–to the PBS juggernaut Downton Abbey. Peter Dinklage also left empty handed, losing the Male Actor in a Drama Series to Kevin Spacey. (It looks like he as tipped off he wouldn’t win either, as Dinklage did not appear on the red carpet.) The show wasn’t completely shut out though. Continuing its impressive streak in the Stunt Ensemble category, Game of Thrones took home their fourth win in four years.

Unlike the Golden Globes, which few cast members bothered to attend, there was a solid showing from the cast on the red carpet for the SAGs. We’ve got pictures, plus the few tidbits they let slide about Season 5, after the jump.

A new photo of the chaos in Daznak’s Pit

By David (Razor) Harris on


We seem to be inching along toward the April premiere of Game of Thrones Season 5. We won’t get to see the official Season 5 trailer until Thursday the 29th, when it airs in IMAX theaters, but luckily there is always Reddit, to which a picture was posted by user Legazpi_ which shows another angle of the chaos from the floor of Daznak’s Pit.

See who is in the picture, after the jump, and beware of spoilers.

Contribute to Winter is Coming

By Rowan Kaiser on

tywin writing

Hello, readers! I’ve made some slight adjustments to our About page–you can check that out at the top of the screen. Most importantly, I’d like to call attention to the Contribute to Winter is Coming page.

As we get closer to Season 5, we’re looking to get more, better content here at WiC. So if you’re a writer, editor, podcaster, video essayist, and you’re interested in appearing on WiC, click that link and give us an email. Thanks!

WiC Weekly January 18th-25th

By Ani Bundel on
IMAX Game of Thrones teaser, Tyrion

IMAX Game of Thrones teaser, Tyrion

Happy Sunday everyone. It’s time for our regular end-of-the-week round up. Here are our Top Ten Posts of the Week.



Ranking each Game of Thrones season’s trailer

By David (Razor) Harris on

Game of Thrones Season 1

In five days (January 29th), the first official trailer for Game of Thrones Season 5, will be shown in all its IMAX glory. For me, the anticipation that has been slowly building since that official announcement, has been palpable to say the least.

With that in mind, I’ve gone back through the Game of Thrones YouTube channel and re-watched each season’s trailer, with the thought of ranking each one…and it’s not as easy as one might imagine.

See how I rank each trailer after the jump

Thrones stars follow each other into TV, film projects

By Cameron White on

Lysa Arryn

The talented Thrones cast continue to spread their wings and fly, and this week has provided even more news on the “what are they up to now?” front.

First off, the Sean Bean-headed ITV crime drama series Frankenstein Chronicles will feature an ensemble cast that includes Kate Dickie, known to us as Lady Lysa Arryn of the Vale. The series is set in 1827 and stars Bean as one Insepctor John Marlott who discovers a corpse that fits the description of Frankenstein’s monster–in case the title didn’t give it away, this series is indeed a period drama reimagining of Mary Shelley’s seminal sci-fi classic Frankenstein, or Modern Prometheus. (Also, one hopes Ned Stark’s investigative skills are a little faster and sharper here than they were in Westeros.) Filming starts January 26th; the series will air on ITV Encore, ITV’s new subscription channel service, though no official start date has been announced yet.

Meanwhile, Daario Naharis’s journey for Daenerys Stormborn’s heart may be taking him to new and exciting places with another Thrones queen…

Game of Thrones almost chose to film in Scotland

By Cameron White on


One of the most impressive aspects of Game of Thrones is its use of a wide range of locales to double for George R.R. Martin’s sweeping fictional landscapes. But it appears that the show almost chose to film in Scotland instead of Northern Ireland.

So what exactly happened? Well, according to Drew McFarlane of Equity Scotland (an entertainment industry trade union), the producers were scared off by “a lack of infrastructure” pertaining to Scotland’s ability to handle large-scale film productions. Specifically, the artistic and economic branches of the Scottish government, Creative Scotland and Scottish Enterprise, were not cooperating to help bring film and television productions to the country, leading the show to ultimately pick Northern Ireland–with the very stable Northern Ireland Screen providing many filming incentives–instead.

More after the jump…

Bryan Singer confirms Sophie Turner as Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse

By David (Razor) Harris on
X-Men: Apocalypse Sophie Turner cast as Jean Grey

X-Men: Apocalypse Sophie Turner cast as Jean Grey

Earlier this month we talked about the news that Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark), might be portraying mutant Jean Grey in the next X-Men movie, X-Men: Apocalypse. At the time, there was no confirmation, and Sophie faced some pretty stiff competition from Hanna star, Saoirse Ronan.

Well, it seems that Fox and Bryan Singer has made their decision, and Sophie has been officially confirmed as the newest Jean Grey, via Singer’s Twitter account…..

Making Game of Thrones: The cold of The North

By Ani Bundel on


Well of course it’s snowy at The Wall

Day 77: From the bottom of a quarry, our VFX supervisor looks up at the ridge above us and shakes his head. As we all shiver in 4°C shadow, he’s praying the sun won’t rise over the ridge and bathe us in its loving warmth. Because we have some serious VFX elements in this scene and shadows are much easier to match than light. For VFX, hell isn’t other people – it’s the sunlight on their faces.

Even though Dave Hill is coy about which Quarry they’re exactly in for this shot, the assumption is that this is a shot from filming in Magheramorne Quarry, which has doubled for Castle Black and The Wall. Even though the temperatures have fallen during this filming sequence, don’t be fooled–much of the “snow” we see was sprayed on.

What are they doing there? Our best ideas, after the jump….

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