“Bob’s Burgers” parodies Game of Thrones

By Ani Bundel on


For those who don’t watch Bob’s Burgers, last night they jumped on the trend wagon and did a full on Game of Thrones segment. It’s the perfect blend of GoT and cat lady humor. After being taken by their Aunt Gayle to see Yarnival (“It’s Cirque de Soleil, but with cats!”), the Belcher children come up with their best concept yet: Gayle of Thrones. Complete with cat dragons. You know I need a few of those, right? Though it might require slightly larger litter boxes…

Pace yourselves guys. You’re going to want to save your gasps. The full video is below.

John Bradley opens Game of Thrones Exhibition, joins Patient Zero cast

By Ani Bundel on

john bradley

The Game of Thrones exhibition has come and gone in London. The next stop for the traveling museum of Game of Thrones artifacts and virtual reality adventuring is Stockholm from March 7th-11th. But in the meantime, HBO Buzz has put together a short video of what it was like for fans to visit the Exhibition.

John Bradley, who was on hand for the London opening, is also featured in the video–and has been added to a new film project. Check it out below.

Game of Thrones is a living, decanonized story–and that’s fantastic

By Rowan Kaiser on


With Game of Thrones entering a season widely promised and expected to have massive changes from the novels, things are bound to get controversial. And, to be honest, I didn’t know how to best deal with it. I am a fan of the novels, yes, but also of the show. Fascinatingly, it was the news a few weeks back of George R.R. Martin’s original A Game of Thrones outline that managed to resolve whatever qualms I had. Game of Thrones (and A Song of Ice and Fire) is a living story.

A living story means that, regardless of initial plans, the story has changed and will change based on the interest of the writers, the budget, popularity, continuity mistakes, etc. It means that it becomes much easier to reconcile the fact that I now see Oberyn’s duel with the Mountain as the staging from the show, or that King Robert’s tragedy is granted depth by his non-book conversation with Cersei. The mild disappointment I have with the Dorne of A Feast for Crows, meanwhile, can coexist with the simple, excellent intrigue of A Game of Thrones and my excitement for the remixed version of the story in Season 5.

How did this happen? Read on….

WiC Weekly: February 22nd-28th

By Ani Bundel on


It’s the end of another week full of Game of Thrones news. Did you miss anything we posted? Not to worry, here is the round up of our Top Ten Posts of the week.


More below!

New Game of Thrones Season 5 poster released!

By Rowan Kaiser on

Season 5 tyrion dragon poster

HBO has released a new poster for Season 5 of Game of Thrones, and, well, let’s just admire that for a second.

Some analysis after the jump….

Three-Eyed Raven brings its final visions–finally with clues

By Ani Bundel on


HBO’s Three-Eyed Raven Snapchat-style viral marketing scheme to promote Game of Thrones has finally come to an end. Once again, your final “vision” depended on who you were. Some people saw Brienne and Pod–a pair of characters we have the least amount of information on. Others saw a snippet of Jon and Mance Rayder.

These were a big change up from the other “visions” we’ve had. It wasn’t a set of instantaneous clips of Season 4 footage flashing before our eyes, ending with a single image from Season 5. Instead we got a pair of full-dialogue clips from the upcoming season. Also, for the first time, we heard people speak.

Videos of both clips below.

Listen to a snippet of “Loyalty” from Killswitch Engage for Catch the Throne Vol. 2

By David (Razor) Harris on
Catch the Throne Vol 2 (Killswitch Engage - "Loyalty")

Catch the Throne Vol 2

Killswitch Engage has posted a snippet of their song “Loyalty” via their official Instagram page. “Loyalty” will be the group’s contribution to the upcoming Game of Thrones: Catch the Throne Volume 2. The song is written for House Martell, and the lyrics, from the snippet, are the words of House Martell: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.

Listen to the song after the jump.

Maisie Williams: “No dress is worth giving up a sword”

By Ani Bundel on


Earlier this month, Maisie Williams and Aidan Gillen sat down with The Hollywood Reporter during Berlinale, AKA the Berlin International Film Festival. Gillen was there to promote his starring turn in the film You’re Ugly Too, which was part of the festival line up. Williams didn’t have a movie to promote (I suppose Berliners aren’t that into Channel 4 productions.) Instead she was sent by the British Film Council as the UK’s representative for the European Shooting Stars program. Though neither of them were there to promote Game of Thrones, as always, the subject came up.

Pictures of Maisie dressed in Fitriani at the event hit the web to high approval from fashionistas. The Hollywood Reporter also noticed and asked her about having to play a tomboy all the time on Game of Thrones.

Video of Maisie’s answer, plus Aidan Gillen’s acting advice after the jump….

Words Are Wind: Guest right

By Scott Andrews on

Robb Stark

“Words are wind” is a common phrase in A Song of Ice and Fire, usually used to say “talk is cheap.” But that’s a view that underestimates both the power of words and wind themselves. In this “Words Are Wind” column, contributor Scott Andrews discusses some of the more important words in the world of Game of Thrones.

“It wasn’t for murder the gods cursed the Rat Cook, or for serving the King’s son in a pie. He killed a guest beneath his roof. That’s something the gods can’t forgive.”
–Bran Stark

The Red Wedding remains the biggest turning point in the entire Game of Thrones series. The Lannisters, with the Freys and Boltons as their new allies, annihilate the Starks and win the War of the Five Kings. In the process, they murder some of our favorite characters.

All because Robb attended a wedding.

But was Robb acting naive, as his father might have, and trusting too blindly in the honor of dishonorable people? Did he walk into a trap so obvious it might as well have been a giant box labeled TRAP with a stick propping it up? Before you condemn him or his mother for the Red Wedding, you need to consider the concept of guest right.

Learn all about guest right after the break.

Jonathan Pryce talks Game of Thrones Season 5 and Wolf Hall

By David (Razor) Harris on
Jonathan Pryce as Cardinal Wolsey in Wolf Hall

Jonathan Pryce as Cardinal Wolsey in Wolf Hall

Jonathan Pryce will be making his Game of Thrones debut this season, as the High Sparrow. Pryce was interviewed by Liverpool Echo, while he was in Liverpool for a BBC Showcase featuring the actor’s current show, Wolf Hall.

See what Mr. Pryce has to say about his role on Wolf Hall and

Game of Thrones, after the jump.

Review: HBO’s new Game of Thrones: In Memoriam book

By Rowan Kaiser on

in memoriam 2
Following the popularity of their “In Memoriam” video from after Season 3, HBO has published Game of Thrones: In Memoriam yesterday, a small book dedicated to the characters from the show who’ve perished on-screen. It retails for $14.95 in the United States, and £9.99 in the UK.

I was sent a press copy of the book to review, and while I find the book quite charming, I have some concerns…

Game of Thrones IMAX Experience coming to U.K.

By Rowan Kaiser on
IMAX Game of Thrones Season 5 trailer gets an R rating

IMAX Game of Thrones Season 5 trailer gets an R rating

After Game of Thrones came to IMAX in North America last month, overseas fans–and there are a lot of overseas fans of Game of Thrones–demanded to know when they’d have the chance to see it on the big screen. We’re now getting the first confirmation of Thrones in IMAX outside the States.

The Odeon cinema in Milton Keynes, near London, is opening on February 26th and including Game of Thrones at the center of their opening ceremonies. They have an exclusive release of the final two episodes of Season 4, “The Watchers on The Wall” and “The Children.” We knew that Thrones had been successful in IMAX here, and this news indicates that the success has not gone unnoticed. The big question is whether this is a one-time event or if we’ll see more than one theater–or theatre, as it were–or if this will remain exclusive.

A few different sites are reporting the news and offering chances to win tickets. Here’s MKWEB and DIY Magazine. Flicks and the City is running a contest as well. If you spot some others, let us know in the comments and we’ll put up links to those contests as well.

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