The WiCnet Awards: Season 4′s Best Warrior

By Ani Bundel on

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It’s time once again for this week’s WiCCiE Awards poll! Last week, we had the more lighthearted “Best Comedy Moment from Season 4.” The winner turned out to be the very first one we came up with when we made the poll, The Hound and Arya’s exchange on people who name their swords, and the Hound’s less than savory opinion of them. This week, we’re back to a more serious category. It’s time to decide who had the Best Performance As A Warrior in Season 4.

Poll below!

Grey Lady ghost possibly sighted at Game of Thrones filming site

By Cameron White on

Do you believe in ghosts, Miss Stark? Gordon Watson, an Irish photographer, was out snapping photos at the Dark Hedges in Stranocum, County Antrim; when he processed one of them, he was greeted with the above image, which he believes is the Irish ghost known as the Grey Lady. The Dark Hedges have been used in Game of Thrones as the backdrop for the Kingsroad, notably in the Season 2  premiere as Arya and Gendry made their ill-fated journey north towards The Wall.

After the jump, learn a little more about the photo, and the myth of the Grey Lady…

And the WiCnet Award for Best Comedy Moment in Season 4 goes to…

By Rowan Kaiser on

arya hound peeking

…Arya and The Hound, for their exchange in “Two Swords.” We had it listed as only the final bit of the exchange, but really, the whole thing is a delight.

“I know him. The small one. His name his Polliver. He captured us as took us to Harrenhal…he killed Lommy.”

“What the fuck’s a Lommy?”
“He was my friend. Polliver stole my sword and put it right through his neck. He’s still got it.”
“Got what?”
“My sword. Needle.”
“Needle. Course you named your sword.”
“Lots of people name their swords.”
“Lots of cunts.”

Results, video, and more after the jump….

New teaser image for Telltale’s Game of Thrones adventure game

By Cameron White on

telltale third teaser image

Today, Telltale Games’s official Twitter feed released a new teaser image for their upcoming game. This one features the image of a flayed man sprawled in an X shape. The quote is from the second Bran chapter in  A Storm of Swords: “There’s squids in the wolfswood, and flayed men ride the Kingsroad…” with the Telltale Games tweet emphasizing the second part of that quote. More below….

Top Game of Thrones cosplay looks for Halloween

By Ani Bundel on

jon and ghost

Looking to dress as your favorite Game of Thrones character for Halloween tomorrow? We’ve rounded up some of the top GoT cosplay looks to help inspire you along the way for your costume.

We’ll start with ajuchic‘s Jon Snow with Ghost, which famously became something of a meme in 2013. The thing is, it’s also a really good take on the costume.

Entire Game of Thrones cast signs for Season 7

By Andrea Towers on

Daenerys at Yunkai

Looks like the biggest cast in television won’t be leaving Westeros anytime soon. According to The Hollywood Reporter, HBO has renegotiated contracts for all the principal Game of Thrones actors, which includes an option for a potential 7th season. The deal included raises for the current 5th season and upcoming 6th, and should the series make it to the 7th, it will make the cast some of the highest paid actors on cable television. And considering that Game of Thrones is a critical darling that tends to smash ratings, score award nominations, and lock renewals within two weeks of starting each season, it’s pretty certain we can look forward to at least two more years of dragons, queens and dwarves.

Game of Thrones Filming Wraps in Osuna

By Ani Bundel on


We’ve got the video of the extras saying good bye to the team below. Thanks to reader Eduardo for alerting us to it. It’s very sweet seeing all the extras making this gesture. They clearly enjoyed their time on the production.

Funny or Die salutes Game of Thrones with new video

By Cameron White on

Game of Thrones is the kind of show fit for any parody and any holiday season–or so Funny or Die sets out to prove with an amusing Halloween GoT parody video. Funny or Die regular Luke Barnett wrote the scene and stars in it as the extremely passionate Night’s Watch member preparing a group of highly disinterested kids to alleviate their neighbors of their Halloween candy. See the video and our impressions after the jump.

A Look at George R.R. Martin’s “A World of Ice and Fire”

By Andrea Towers on

Tywin Lannister

Ever since I picked up George R.R. Martin’s A World of Ice and Fire at the 92Y event this weekend, I’ve been combing through it like a kid in a candy store. It reminds me of when I was younger and would buy a “making of” book of my favorite film, and then block out the whole weekend to do nothing but read it cover to cover. Martin’s 300-page tome is a true treasure for devoted fans of the Game of Thrones world, and I could spend hours looking at photos or reading excerpts.

Game of Thrones’ Telltale adventure game on track for 2014 release

By Cameron White on

Teaser image for Game of Thrones Telltale Games adventure game

Telltale Games’s Game of Thrones adventure game appears to be on schedule for release later this year, according to a tweet from the company’s PR Specialist, Laura Perusco. A late 2014 release has alway been in the cards, but other than that (and the two teaser images the company released for our theorizing minds) the company has been quiet on any specifics regarding the game. Undoubtedly, they learned discretion from Varys.

Exclusive! New Set Pictures from Magheramorne Quarry

By Ani Bundel on


With filming in Croatia basically over, and our Spain locations wrapping up, we turn our attention again to Northern Ireland, where the show has set up not one, but two filming locations in Magheramorne Quarry. A couple of our enterprising readers got pictures from this location and sent them on.

First up, Castle Black, which you can see above. More pictures, including some very interesting shots of the new structure joining Castle Black in the Quarry, after the jump! Mild spoilery speculation ahead.

George R.R. Martin on Late Night with Seth Meyers

By Ani Bundel on

Martin Knights Meyers

With the release of The World of Ice and Fire yesterday, it’s time for George R.R. Martin to do the promotional rounds. He started things off yesterday on Late Night with Seth Meyers. This new book being a history tome of the sort of back story trivia fans revel in, Meyers decided to play some Game of Thrones trivia with the man who invented the series. Amy Poehler seemed delighted to play along as well.

After the jump, Seth Meyers asks Martin for one small favor.

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