Maisie Williams filming at Kastel Gomilica

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kastel gomilica 2

“Greetings from Braavos!” says reader Piotr. He sends us these photos from Kastel Gomilica in Croatia, where Maisie Williams is apparently filming scenes on the sea. He wasn’t able to take too many pictures close to the filming itself, but you can see a very attractive harbor scene in some of these shots, as well as a bunch of extras dressed in what we can only assume is traditionally Braavosi peasant garb.

Braavos is one of the most important cities across the Narrow Sea from the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. It started becoming important in Season 4 of Game Of Thrones with the introduction of Tycho Nestoris (Mark Gatiss), a representative of the Iron Bank Of Braavos. (It was reported earlier this week that Gatiss will be reprising his role this season.) The arrival of one of the show’s most important characters, Arya Stark, will only increase Braavos’ profile.

Huge thanks to Piotr and all our new tipsters–if you have your own, we have a News Tip form. More images after the jump.

Telltale releases new Game Of Thrones adventure game info

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Teaser image for Telltale's Game Of Thrones adventure game

Adventure game studio Telltale Games has been closed-lipped about their licensed Game Of Thrones game, other than the fact of its existence. But today their official Twitter account posted the image at the top of this article, referencing “clan Forrester” with a quote from A Dance With Dragons and with the hashtag #IronFromIce.

The previous few Game Of Thrones video games have not widely-loved, although the role-playing game has some fans. There’s reason to believe that this one could be special, though. Telltale Games has been at the heart of the resurgence of adventure gaming in the past few years with their adaptations of the Fables and The Walking Dead franchises.

These games have succeeded by being incredibly simple to play, eliminating the complex puzzle-solving common in traditional adventure games. Instead, Telltale has added emotional complexity, forcing players to make tough moral choices in a violent world and dealing with the fallout. This is backed up by superb voice acting, high-quality animated graphics, and in the case of the Fables game The Wolf Among Us, an absolutely gorgeous sense of style.

I’m not a big fan of The Walking Dead TV series, and have no history with Fables, and ended up enjoying those games a great deal. Game Of Thrones is a perfect match for Telltale’s style, as well a property I’m a fan of, so I’m excited about this game. The first episode of five is supposed to be released at some point in 2014.

As for the text itself, it seems to be teasing that the game is set at a point in the books that the show hasn’t reached yet. Speculation after the jump…

Is this Tyrion’s Season 5 costume?

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Tyrion Lannister season 5 costume

Reddit user “LGED821″ has grabbed a picture that seems to pretty clearly be Peter Dinklage in a new costume for Season 5. Given the events at the end of the fourth season, Tyrion has a new place in the world of Westeros, so this seems authentic. What do you think of Tyrion Lannister’s Season 5 costume?

Mild spoilers after the jump…

Game Of Thrones stars take Ice Bucket Challenge, demonstrate sensitivity to temperature

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pedro pascal shirtless for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Celebrities. Since the dawn of time, people have wondered: do they feel cold like you or I? This summer, a crack team of scientists/social media experts have designed the perfect experiment to find out: the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The Ice Bucket Challenge provided the tantalizing combination of donating money to/raising awareness for a good cause with the experiment’s true goal, discovering whether fame hardens the skin against cold like a Protection From Ice spell cast by your friendly neighborhood archmage.

Stars of Game Of Thrones, a television show with a cold-based tagline that you may have notice here and there, would seem to be especially good targets for examination. Variety has collected several examples of these experiments. Here’s Maisie Williams.

More after the jump:

Season 5 nudity shooting snag resolved

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King's Landing season 1 background

Entertainment Weekly’s James Hibberd (warning: spoilers) is reporting that an essential fifth-season scene involving public nudity has had its filming issues resolved. The problems, according to earlier reports (warning: spoilers, TMZ), was that local church policies against “public displays of sexuality” in Dubrovnik, Croatia, were preventing this scene from being filmed, which could have been a major issue given its importance.

According to Hibberd, “At the HBO Emmy party Monday night, producers told me that the snag was ‘old news’ and that a new location for the sequence (which isn’t shooting for at least another month) has long been secured.” Hibberd also reported that Mark Gatiss would be returning in Season 5 as Tycho Nestoris.

Lightly spoilery discussion of the scene in question after the jump.

WiC Community News: Forums and Comment Policy

By Rowan Kaiser on

GOT community

Two pieces of news about the Winter Is Coming community!

First, we’re working on getting forums for the site up, and soon. I’m excited about the possibility of having a space for longer-form conversations about Game Of ThronesA Song Of Ice And Fire, and everything related. I hope that this can foster a vibrant community, and I’ll be responding to and highlighting the best discussion there.

Second, we’re instituting a simple comment policy. There has been a lot of discussion, controversy, and research about comments, and it’s becoming quite clear that intelligent and respectful comments are a huge advantage for a site, while a negative community affects perception of the entire site and its articles. For most sites, that means moderation is necessary.

With that in mind, our policy would like to encourage two things in comments:

Please be respectful. Whoever you’re responding to–article authors, fellow commenters, or even cast and crew on the show–are people, and treating them respectfully helps ensure a better community for everyone.

Try to add new and interesting ideas to the discussion. For example, one of the best ways to foster intelligent conversation is to be specific about the things you liked, didn’t like, reminded you of a link, or found especially fascinating.

And two rules:

No sexism, racism, or other forms of bigotry will be tolerated. This is self-evident, I think, but I’d like to highlight one specific form that I’d like to see disappear, which is creepy objectification. For example, Game Of Thrones depicts a lot of attractive people, many of whom are sometimes naked, and the difference between appreciating human beauty and creepy objectification can be a fine line. But comments like “HBO, please make [actress] get naked!” are nowhere near that fine line and will be deleted.

No website wars. Please don’t use the comments simply to denigrate one site and build up another. The vast majority of messages I’ve deleted so far are content-free, disrespectful, and most damningly of all, boring attempts to attack this site and build up others.

I understand that there’s history behind these feelings, and I’ve been there myself, on both sides, with websites that I love. But most of these messages are needlessly nasty and will be deleted. This is not to say that WiC doesn’t encourage constructive criticism, nor that we’re blacklisting links to other sites. But they should be brought up in ways that are respectful and interesting.

GOT’s Emmys: Dresses, losses, and Weird Al’s Game Of Thrones song

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Okay, Game Of Thrones may have struck out in winning awards last night, but that wasn’t too much of a surprise with it going up against the Breaking Bad juggernaut. But it did win a great deal of buzz, thanks primarily to Weird Al showing up and doing a medley of the “real lyrics” of TV themes. After hitting Scandal, Homeland, Mad Men, etc, GOT got pride of place in the song.

There were a few predictable jokes early on (boobs! characters dying!) but I thought it ended up working pretty well by the end.  See what you think–and a few of the best cast photos–after the jump.


“Winter Is Coming”: Revisited and Reviewed

By Rowan Kaiser on

GOT S1E01 Jaime push

There may be better pilots than “Winter Is Coming.” But there aren’t many that succeed with such a high degree of difficulty. It ain’t a perfect pilot, but it could have been much, much worse. “Winter Is Coming” has three goals to accomplish: first, it has to prove to its initial core audience, book readers, that it’s an authentic and worthwhile adaptation of the novels. Second, it also has to appeal to viewers who haven’t read the books, and treat it primarily as a new HBO show. Finally, as a prestige cable show, it has to establish its grand themes and overall meaning from the outset.

“Winter Is Coming” moves swiftly to answer all three of these questions, at least partially, in its opening scene, a wonderful bit of setting the stage. We focus initially on the scruffy faces of three largely unadorned men, waiting for a small gate to open. The instant impression is that this is atypical fantasy, dirty and grimy instead of bright and idealized. In straightforward terms, it’s the low fantasy of regular people making their way through a difficult world, not the heroic fantasy of plucky teens fulfilling their prophecies.  How did it do so, and where did it succeed and fail?

Video: Rodeo FX’s work on Season 4

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Visual effects studio Rodeo FX has released their breakdown of the work they did on Game Of Thrones’ fourth season. I’m always interesting to see just how much of GOT’s visual style is added in post-production while still looking seamless, and this video’s a great way to do just that.

Game of Thrones, Season 4 – VFX breakdown from Rodeo FX on Vimeo.

I think my favorite shot was the one of The Hound and Arya riding through the nice forest turned into a wasteland, which also describes the trajectory of the Riverlands in the story. What jumped out at you?

Game Of Thrones Season 5: Filming in Split, at Villa Dalmacija

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got_vila_dalmacija2014_1A reader in Croatia, Goran, has pointed us to Villa Dalmacija as a Game Of Thrones shooting location. The building was once a residence of the controversial Yugoslavian dictator Tito, and more recently serves as a resort on the outskirts of the Adriatic city of Split.

Regardless of its provenance, looking at the pictures, I think you’ll agree that it has the right sort of fantastical vibe to fit Game Of Thrones well. Goran also reports that the production team is painting, bringing in plants, and adding a platform to that lovely cove.


So what’s your guess for the in-show location? I’m leaning Meereen, but could see Dorne or some different part of King’s Landing. More photos after the jump.

Emmy open thread!

By Rowan Kaiser on

Let’s talk winners and losers, dresses and suits. Spend the 2014 Emmy awards with the Winter is Coming community.

WiC is hiring assistant editors!

By Rowan Kaiser on

UPDATE: Applications will be closed on Monday, so get them in this weekend!

Winter Is Coming is hiring!

We’re looking for 1-2 part-time Assistant Editors to add to the site’s overall coverage. Pay starts at $500/month, with potential for growth. FanSided often makes full-time hires from within, so these positions could morph into much larger roles down the road.

There are two requirements:

  • Be able to write—or otherwise create—Game Of Thrones-related posts on a regular basis
  • Be able to find—or break—Game Of Thrones-related news

There are also several more skills/traits/abilities/perks/characteristics/attributes/experiences which, in some combination, could be useful though no single one is necessary, after the jump…

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