Sophie Turner on Sansa Stark’s newfound relief and trusting Littlefinger

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Sansa Stark was whisked away from the scene of the crime by Ser Dontos, only to watch him fall at the hands of Littlefinger, whom she now must trust to sail her home.

In a new interview with Access Hollywood, Sophie Turner discusses Sansa’s reaction to Joffrey’s death, and how she’s feeling about Dontos and her new saviour, Littlefinger. Do you think Sansa is relieved at all by Joffrey’s death?

Sophie Turner: I mean, she’s definitely relieved. The thing is, is that he was the main kind of factor that was keeping her in King’s Landing, but then there’s all the other people like Cersei and Jaime and she’s still in a marriage to Tyrion. I mean, everyone still wants her to be kept prisoner, so there was definite relief, but she knows that there’s no way that she can escape them – and she does!

Access: With the help of Ser Dontos. How do you think she feels when she finds out Ser Dontos was full of baloney?

Sophie: Well, I think the thing about Ser Dontos is he has like a genuinely good heart. He’s a drunk and he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He didn’t do anything really to offend Sansa. He’s just doing what he thinks is right because he knows in the end that she’s gonna get out, and I think Sansa knows that and she feels a lot of compassion towards him, especially because of like at the beginning of Season 2, when he had to drink all that wine. Poor guy.

Anatomy of a Throne: “Breaker of Chains”

By Marc N. Kleinhenz on

HBO’s Game of Thrones brandishes a consistent and high degree of fidelity to the nearly 5,000-page-long source material of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels, but there still, of course, are differences. While most of these gaps from the page to the screen are small and detail-oriented, it is nonetheless the case that the most subtle discrepancies often hold the biggest insight into the adaptation process, into the demands of filmmaking, and into the rigors of the literary narrative.

This, then, is the anatomy of a key scene of Thrones – not because of its dramatic importance or visual effects whizbangery, but because of the telling nature of its realization.

HBO releases details on the May episodes of Game of Thrones Season Four

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HBO has issued a press release revealing synopses for the episodes of Game of Thrones Season Four that will air in May. We’ll be treated to only three episodes in May, with an agonizingly long one week break following the seventh episode. Details for episodes five through seven after the break.

Highlights from Maisie Williams’ Live Q&A with HBO Connect

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Yesterday, HBO Connect held a live Q&A with Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams. Maisie fielded a variety of questions from the fans about her work on the show as well as her personal life. Here are a few of the best Thrones/Arya related answers:

Firebyte1: Which do you think was the most epic Arya moment?

Maisie Williams says: I still quite like the most recent episode. Killing Polliver was pretty cool and I liked that so far. I think Episode 3 of this year when she’s talking to the farmer and the Hound and she’s lying about the Hound being her father and all that. It’s a big deal because Arya can pretend and for her that was a pretty cool moment where she can actually lie to everyone and still come out on top.

JAKE_CLEGG: What is the most significant experience you’ve taken away from working on the set of Game of Thrones so far?

Maisie Williams says: I think I just matured. That’s the biggest thing I could have taken away from the whole thing. I’ve had a fast track to who I want to be. I know all of my friends are struggling to what to pick in college and I’ve been given a fast pass to kick start my future. To have an ambition and a goal at this stage is amazing. I can’t ask for anything else, I’m so grateful. What I can take away is that I’ve been given the chance to do what I love. I’ve got my foot in the door and I’m not going to back down on doing what I love.

Kit Harington covers Rolling Stone for ‘Inside Game of Thrones’ feature, George R.R. Martin interviewed

By Lightbringer on

Kit Harington is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine as a part of their ‘Inside Game of Thrones’ feature. The feature includes a piece on Kit entitled “The Winter Soldier,” as well as an in-depth interview with George R.R. Martin.

In a preview of the feature Kit explains what he has in common with Jon Snow. “Snow’s a black sheep. The thing that drives both of us is more similar than you might think – he’s driven by ambition. I’ve always been ambitious too.” Kit admires the way that Jon balances his duty with ambition, and has a strong belief in what he’s doing. He also understands the immediate appeal of Jon Snow when Game of Thrones first aired. “People were looking for a hero trying to make his way through a dark world that they didn’t understand. That’s Jon Snow.”

Rolling Stone has already released their full interview with George R.R. Martin conducted for the feature. The interview is quite lengthy spanning a number of topics including his early life, the early stages of A Song of Ice and Fire, his concerns about screen adaptations, redemption, life’s hard truths, and much more. Here are a couple of excerpts:

Jeopardy prevails more than ever now, after the ending of the third season and the slaughter of Ned’s wife, Catelyn, and his eldest son, Robb, the King of the North.

The more I write about a character, the more affection I feel . . . even for the worst of them. Which doesn’t mean I won’t kill them. Whoever it was who said “Kill your darlings” was referring to his favorite lines in a story, but it’s just as true for characters. The moment the reader begins to believe that a character is protected by the magical cloak of authorial immunity, tension goes out the window.

Video Recap Roundup: Breaker of Chains

By Bex on

For those of the video persuasion, here are this week’s collection of video reviews, discussions and recaps.

Categories for now are Book Readers, Unsullied or a combination of the two. Like with the written recaps, an abundance of opinions were had. For your convenience, the length of the videos are included this week.

Sandrine and His Axcellence break down Breaker of Chains: Show Watcher and Book Reader (7:34). Are you an Unsullied who needs a inside look at the Kings Landing Whodunit? Our friends have got you covered!

ComicBookGirl gives her many Sullied insights this week into the third episode, which she enjoyed: Book Reader, i.e. here be spoilers (18:22)

Weapons of Westeros: Wildfire

By WiC Staff on


“Winter is Coming Live” chat “Maester” Bryan Forrest takes a behind the scenes look at the weaponry used in HBO’s original series Game of Thrones. In this episode of “Weapons of Westeros,” Bryan discusses the history of “Wild Fire” and how it has been used around the Seven Kingdoms.

You can also check out the first episode of WOW, in which Bryan talks about the Stark ancestral sword, Ice.

Both segments are after the jump!

Dame of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen

By Rebecca Pahle on

Welcome, my lovelies, to Dame of Thrones. What’s Dame of Thrones? It’s a new biweekly panel expressing love, admiration, and all sorts of positive feelings for the approximately twenty thousand female characters in A Song of Ice and Fire. George R.R. Martin looks at all your other shows’, like, three lady characters with any amount of screentime and he laaaaaughs and laughs. Your friendly neighborhood appreciator of the ladydom of Westeros and beyond is me, new Winter Is Coming contributor Rebecca Pahle. I am: An Associate Editor at The Mary Sue, where I take Game of Thrones perhaps a bit too seriously (ha no). A regular contributor at Pajiba, where ditto. A lover of puns. And an ardent supporter of the One True Lobster King of Westeros, Stannis Baratheon. All shall love him and despair.

But with Dame of Thrones I’ll be providing handy run-downs of the women, one every two weeks. First up: KHALEEEEESIIIIIII.

There are no spoilers beyond the jump for non-book-readers, don’t worry.

Natalie Dormer visits Late Night with Seth Meyers

By Lightbringer on

Last night, Natalie Dormer stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers to promote Game of Thrones. Natalie and Seth talk about her recent completion of the London Marathon, and then talk turns to Game of Thrones, as Seth is a big fan of the series. Natalie discusses the Purple Wedding, playing Scrabble with the girls on set, Margaery’s bad luck, and the differences from the book. She also talks about her new role in The Hunger Games, and today’s anti-spoiler culture.

Michiel Huisman talks Daario Naharis, a very professional horse, and Season 4

By Lightbringer on

In this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, Daario Naharis proved his worth as Champion of Daenerys Targaryen, while Michiel Huisman proved his worth to some viewers who were still wary of his recasting. In a new interview with The Daily Beast Michiel discusses his take on Daario Naharis, shooting Breaker of Chains, and what we can expect in Season 4.

Daario’s looks may have changed this season, but he can still put on quite a show. Michiel explains his take on the character:

“I see Daario as a tiger-like fighter; someone who’s not really in for the long fight, but a quick one. He’s showy, but his showy side comes from not having anything to lose. Up until meeting Dany, he didn’t have anything to live for, so he feels he might as well have a little fun. That’s also why he pees after killing the warrior from Meereen. It’s very showy, but it also comes from, “Whatever, let’s go have some fun.” Daario is a fun character in the Daenerys storyline because he pushes her a bit.”

Player of Thrones: Jojen and Meera Reed The Crannogmen

By Thoros on

Welcome once again to the Player of Thrones.

Player of Thrones posts will be utilized to highlight new characters from HBO’s Game of Thrones, and also return to some familiar faces.

I encourage you to discuss what role you think this character plays in the Game of Thrones. If you do choose to talk about the character with spoilers, please remember to use our spoiler veil of magic.

With that being said our third feature is double. This week we will be featuring a dangerous brother sister combo we met last year, Jojen and Meera Reed.

Meera and Jojen Reed: The Huntress and The Greenseer

Meera and Jojen Reed: The Huntress and The Greenseer

GoT Laughs: Why get HBO Go to watch Game of Thrones

By Hear Me Roar on

HBO has produced a series of seven promo videos for HBO Go, explaining why it is a good idea to make use of the service. Game of Thrones is of course featured, not just in one but in two of them (the rest make use of True Blood, True Detective, Girls, and Curb Your Enthusiasm). See the GoT videos below. Quite hilarious!

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