Game of Thrones Season 4 Box Set Sales Breaks Records

Game of Thrones continues to smash records left and right. Last time it was for pirating Season 4 episodes. This time it’s for owning Season 4 legitimately. According to, the first week sales of the Season 4 DVD in the UK is the largest in over a decade.

Shifting over 157,000 copies this week, the box set has outdone its predecessor Game Of Thrones – The Compete Third Season’s first week count by over 7,000 copies, becoming the fastest-selling chart-topping TV box set since 2004.

More on Game of Thrones DVD sales below.

Game of Thrones is an outlier when it comes to old school style media, where DVD sales are down across the board for most TV shows and movies, due to the rise and popularity of streaming services, Game of Thrones is still a money maker. According to Canada’s National Post

Since its first season in 2012, Game of Thrones releases have generated more than $40-million in revenue in Canada, with more than 10 million consumer sales of Season 3 in 2014 alone (Season 4 was released on Feb. 17). That’s more than double its nearest competitor.

As for sales in the US, the DVDs were released a day later here than in the UK, so first week sales numbers won’t be out until tomorrow. But if it’s anything like the Season 3 first week sales, which were one of Amazon’s largest pre-ordered TV titles ever, we should see serious numbers come in. Season 3 sales were almost more than 50 percent over Season 2. I doubt Season 4 can quite double the numbers again–after all, Season 3 did contain the Red Wedding. But these record breaking numbers in the UK suggest the figure will certainly be higher than last year.